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Report: Phone Menu Options Have Changed

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menu optionLansing, Michigan, May 12 – Callers to the law offices of DuBois & Fernandez are being told by the automated answering system that the menu options have changed, city residents are reporting today.

The firm, which mostly handles real estate transactions, has apparently altered the contents of the menu. To prevent callers from selecting their desired extensions out of habit and reaching the wrong person by mistake, the partners instructed the technology consulting firm that handles their communications to alert callers to the changes.

People who called today in fact took note of the message, but as of 1 p.m. local time Monday, none were able to determine what menu options had changed. “It sounds the same to me,” said Rita Sciortino, who was attempting to reach Jake Riddleman, a junior partner advising her on the sale of her home.

Jamal Rashad, an office supplies deliveryman, agreed. “I sat through the whole thing like three times this morning, just to make sure I got the right extension, and it was all a waste of time,” he said.

Others took the change in stride. “What? People actually listen to the menu?” wondered Isabella Diaz, a client. “I just hit ‘zero’ at the first opportunity so I can speak to a human. I hate those systems.”

Similar developments occurred last year when a social services department of the state government instituted a similar change, although in that case the difference was noticeable because although the system options appeared to remain the same, the voice guiding callers through the process was clearly different.

“They used to have this sweet-sounding lady, but now it’s almost robot-like,” complained Henry Watkins, who was trying to arrange a social worker visit for his disabled grandson. “I do hope that lady is OK. Do you think she found a better job, so they had to hire somebody else to read the menu?”

A spokesman for PCC Communications, the consulting firm implementing the change for DuBois & Fernandez, said they had yet to reprogram the system with the changes.


Written by Thag

May 12, 2014 at 9:47 pm

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