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Moscow School Shooting Means US Overseas Influence Alive And Well

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They even use Fords!

They even use Fords!

Washington, DC, February 3 – American officials are expressing their gratification at a welcome sign of US influence abroad in the shooting deaths of a Moscow teacher and police officer by a student. The student also wounded a second policeman, giving American leaders an indication that the oft-cited retrenchment of US power overseas is not the foregone conclusion it has been made out to be.

Shootings of this type have been relatively rare in Russia, prompting Congressional leaders to reconsider their criticism of the Obama administration over a Presidential reluctance to engage heavily overseas. Both Democratic and Republican politicians now say that it may be possible for the US to retain its sway without a direct military presence, or the threat thereof, as long as the people of other nations are moved to emulate American mores, pursuits, and values such as the perpetration of gun violence against fellow citizens.

Officials had feared that as the US withdrew forces from Iraq and Afghanistan, it would face challenges in spreading American sensibilities across the globe. But the aftermath of the Iraq withdrawal and the leadup to disengagement from Afghanistan have seen the opposite trend in ascendance: the local population, sprinkled with some foreign activists, has established its own methods for engineering the random, violent deaths of others.

Whereas American military and diplomatic officials had expressed concern over Afghan and Iraqi capabilities once NATO’s advanced weaponry was out of the picture, in fact the locals showed remarkable resourcefulness in duplicating the alliance’s destructive power through cruder means. Moreover, while US military strikes focused only on Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and occasionally Somalia, the impact of America’s culture of violence has reached beyond those countries to Syria, Egypt, and even Lebanon – and now Russia, as well, which most experts had assumed would lie well outside the sphere of American influence.

“I’m not surprised that this shooting occurred right after the Super Bowl,” said Theodore Kaczynski, who writes about politics and violence. “Football after all, combines the two most American of activities: violence and committee meetings. And we’ve just seen the year’s most heavily marketed episode of violence, broadcast across the globe.”


Written by Thag

February 3, 2014 at 7:59 pm

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