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Local Man Obsessed With Friend’s Girlfriend Liking Him

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Martinez-CastroJamaica, NY (AP) – Jorge Martinez introduced his girlfriend Maria Castro to his friend Marco Ruiz in late October, and since then the 30-year-old Ruiz has devoted a significant portion of his time grappling with his worry over whether Castro likes him.

Ruiz, who has not had a romantic partner since 2004, met Martinez and Castro at a sports bar to watch the World Series. Castro and Martinez had been dating for nearly a month, and the latter had mentioned his partner on at least three occasions in Ruiz’s presence, prompting Ruiz to express eagerness to meet the girl his friend liked so much. He hoped the interest would in no way be construed as a desperate attempt to experience a sorely lacking romantic connection, however indirectly.

Castro made a favorable impression on Ruiz, who found the currently unemployed welder pleasant enough company, but who laughed at at least two of his jokes. The first occurred within minutes of their introduction, when Ruiz compared the bearded Red Sox second baseman, Dustin Pedroia, to sculptures of ancient Assyrians. The second, nearly twenty minutes later, involved clever wordplay and a subtle denunciation of the Republican Party.

Since that meeting, Ruiz has constantly tried to bring up Castro in his conversations with Martinez, hoping to hear that Castro has mentioned him or expressed something positive about him. Ruiz has also spent several long stretches of time daydreaming in front of his computer at home, visualizing scenarios in which Castro has referred to him as “your funny friend Marco” or suggested to Martinez that the three of them get together again.

Experts are divided on why Ruiz seems so driven to have Castro like him, even though no evidence exists that he has actively considered vying for her affection. Sheepshead Bay psychologist Phil Landerer asserts that Ruiz is subconsciously seeing Castro as representative of his own romantic desires, since he positively associated her with his friend Martinez’s happiness. He thus seeks to confirm that his positive associations are reciprocated.

Others, however, maintain that Ruiz in fact aims to poach his pal’s girlfriend, though none of the parties to the triangle would be conscious of it. Cedarhurst therapist Melanie Katz insists that Ruiz’s attitude can only spell disaster for the group of relationships in question, and that Martinez and Ruiz’ s other friends must make a concerted, immediate effort to find romantic attachment for Ruiz.

At press time, Martinez had just mentioned Ruiz once again to Castro, who had to think for several moments before remembering who her boyfriend was talking about.


Written by Thag

November 23, 2013 at 10:53 pm

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