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Midianites Regret Not Getting Receipt For Purchase Of Joseph

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20 silver piecesMemphis, Egypt (AP) – Despite getting a good deal on the purchase of a Hebrew youth, a group of Midianite traders is having second thoughts after spending the last several hundred miles listening to the boy prattle on about sheaves, stars, and dreams.

The caravan, on its way to Egypt, was transporting spices and fragrances to sell there when they encountered a group of herders near the Central Canaanite town of Dothan offering a healthy-looking, seventeen-year-old named Joseph for sale at the too-good-to-believe price of twenty silver pieces. Despite the low price, the traders found no physical defects in the youth, and decided to pool their cash to sell this Joseph at a handsome profit once they reached their destination.

However, by the time the procession passed the Jebusite fortresses several miles to the south, the Midianites were already expressing remorse over their impulse purchase. The attractive teenager had obviously been, until very recently, a pampered member of  a wealthy household, but nevertheless seemed completely untroubled by his stark turn of fortune. While the Midianites expected to be ferrying a cowed, frightened youth, instead they found themselves subject to seemingly endless talk of prophetic visions involving bundles of grain, heavenly bodies, and delusions of a boy lording it over his older siblings.

Unable to strike the Hebrew for fear of jeopardizing his resale value, the men of the caravan at first tolerated what they thought was the beginnings of denial, but the boy kept talking. Repeated requests to shut the heck up only produced a more spirited insistence by the youth that he was divinely fated for greatness, and each time he became more animated. Many of the Midinaites found the boy’s manner creepy, and suggested turning around to find the band of men who had sold them the youth. However, any hope of voiding the purchase faded when the men realized they had neglected to ask the sellers for a receipt.

The Midianites attempted to recoup their investment by offloading Joseph to a group of Ishmaelite tribesmen plying the same trade route, but the latter refused, leaving the caravan to make it the rest of the way to the Egyptian capital with the loquacious Hebrew slave boy.

Upon reaching Memphis the men made their first priority finding a buyer for the apparently delusional adolescent, and, as of press time, may have found a willing purchaser in a royal official whose wife insisted they buy the boy as soon as she laid eyes on him.


Written by Thag

November 19, 2013 at 11:12 pm

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