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Buzzword-Spouting Executive Ready To Take It To Next Level

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New York (AP) – Ellis MacGreggor, an Engagement Specialist at the marketing firm BS Solutions, has his sights set on the holy grail of business speak: a seat on the board of the corporation, where he will be on the runway to an open field of self-perpetuating business lingo endeavors.

BS’s core competencies have always included leveraging its value-added touchpoints toward the quick-win scenario of peeling back the onion. Where MacGeggor sees an opening, however, is in the out-of-the-box thinking he could bring to cross-platform sustainability, especially where it involves mashups of hyperlocal cat-herding.

“At the end of the day, my experience in long-tail content management for Web 2.0 thought leaders showcases what I’m best at: excellence. My proactive strategies have proved time and time again that robust, proactive synergies represent a paradigm shift, a sea change, in the client-centric corporate culture that sees the visibility of granular, holistic, low-hanging fruit as mission-critical.” MacGreggor intends to streamline wellness as a survival strategy while pushing the envelope vis-à-vis the seamless pain point of rightshoring.

MacGreggor is hardly the first to calibrate expectations toward self-actualization by organically impacting Best Practices. The 1980’s and ’90’s were a heady time in the mobile modularity of user-generated convergence, bringing to prominence pivotal, ground-floor enterprises, and deemphasizing brick-and-mortar face time in favor of seamless reverse-fulfillment across multiple workflows.

“The throughput matrix of Wikiality has transformed virtualization into one big webinar of scalable portals,” notes social media aggregator Ted Tauks. “Back-end clickthroughs have the potential to close the loop on bleeding-edge, next-gen ROI.” He added that the unanticipated folksonomy of e-learning has had a surprisingly responsive effect on coopetition in the spheres of cloud computing and higher-order thinking.

With that trending, MacGreggor intends to devote mindshare to management visibility in the new economy. “It’s part of our DNA,” he explains.

“I’ll shoot you an e-mail with all the real-time benchmarking,” he added.


Written by Thag

November 5, 2013 at 8:48 pm

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