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To Make Sure You Get up, this Alarm Clock Sounds Like an Overflowing Toilet

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Top Ten Utterances a Parent Does Not Wish to Hear upon Awaking in the Morning

10. “Let’s go downstairs and get some potato chips before Mom and Dad wake up!”

9. “OK, now it’s your turn to throw the stuffed animals through the window.”

8. “Mom! I don’t have any underwear!”

7. “Just let the baby spill it. Dad will clean it when he comes downstairs.”

6. “No! Don’t throw that down the st-” SMASH!

5. “Dad! Tell the baby to stop grabbing my penis!”

4. “Wow. I didn’t know there was that much toilet paper on a roll. Think it’ll flush down?”

3. “Dad! The toilet’s overflowing!”

2. “I peed on the floor.”

1. “I pooped in my pajamas and there’s a hole in my pajamas and it’s on the bed too.”


Written by Thag

June 6, 2011 at 3:03 pm

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