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No, sir, I do not care that my accusation flies in the face of the evidence you have presented. I stand by my words. I maintain that your son banged on our door, fled down the street and into your house. I saw him myself.

Your protestations that your whole family was at the local park while this happened are falling on deaf ears. I have already noted that I do not make a habit of accusing your children of malfeasance, so my very presence here, doing so now, should suffice to prove the justice of my claim. I scoff at your evasion of responsibility.

The fact that your son is ill, and supposedly incapable of perpetrating such a deed, is immaterial to me. I know what I saw, and no amount of counter argument from you or your wife will convince me otherwise. I do not seek to trifle with your contention that he has been more or less immobile since this morning, with a fever. When I saw that boy run from my house into your entranceway down the block, I knew exactly what transpired, and you will fail if you attempt to imply in any way that I am mistaken, misguided or just plain wrong. It is he who is plain wrong for engaging in such behavior, and you who are plain wrong for defending it.

I shall even raise my voice now, for doing so is always a sign of who is in the right! Whoever feels more strongly about something must be the party on the side of truth! I will therefore continually try to drown out your arguments with sheer volume, repeating the accusations I have already leveled!

Well, you seem to be unmoved by the patent truth and uprightness of my claims. I do not know how to proceed, other than to express disdain for your flagrant disrespect for property, proper parenting and my view of events, a view that I will not allow to be challenged. Have a pleasant day, sir and madam.


Written by Thag

March 19, 2011 at 7:38 pm

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