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When You’re Tired, It’s Easy to Misread Florfenhahf.

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As a father of four, I should certainly expect to be this tired all the time. I don’t really mind the tired; I do mind the impairments the fatigue occasionally causes, such as misreading simple words or statements. Consider the following NY Times headlines, all from today’s edition:

Hollywood Feels Ripples from Libya became Hollywood Feels Nipples from Libya
A tantalizing headline, but do I really want to read the article?

Hard-Liners Ruling Iran Gain Ally in Key Post :: Hard Loiners Ruing Bran Grain Alloy in Key Pot
Try prune juice?

Petraeus Sees Military Progress in Afghanistan :: Petraeus Seeds Military Problems in Afghanistan
The joint chiefs of staff might want to have a word with him, then…

Police Kill Protesters in Major Ivory Coast City :: Police Kill Protestants in Major Victory
Today we’ll be reporting from seventeenth century Europe…

Taliban Causing Most Civilian Deaths, U.N. Says :: Taliban Cussing Most Civilian Deaths, U.N. Stays
Despite the impoliteness, they remained. How tolerant.

Foreign Minister Chosen in Japan :: Foreign Matter Shoes in Japan
First, square watermelons; now this. Those trendy Japanese!

Chinese Impose Travel Ban on Tibet :: Chinese Imports Travel Bra in Tibet
For those of you looking for a way to offer the Dalai Lama some support…

Netanyahu Vows to Keep Jordan River Posts :: Netanyahu Vows to Kelp, Jordan River Pots
Mideast experts agree the kelp and ancient pots are more likely to acquiesce to his demands than the Palestinians are.

Scottish Police Arrest Suspect in Swedish Bombing :: Scottish Police Arrest Suspect Swedish Bimbo
Julian Assange’s defense strategy?

Zimbabwe Report Focuses on Abuses :: Zimbabwe Reports Ficuses on Buses
I’ve heard of using old subway cars to build up coral reefs, but this ecological strategy is new to me.

I think I should go to bed.


Written by Thag

March 9, 2011 at 9:42 pm

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