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Wash with, Like, Colors, Dude

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I had started a post decrying the stupidity behind the care instructions on garment tags, but deleted it. I can try to reconstruct it if enough people clamor for it to be done. Who knows – might I have misjudged the social relevance of the issue?

Perhaps it can be ignored no longer. It might be that the masses are sick and tired of being told to tumble dry absolutely everything on low, or maybe medium, when the dryer clearly has the capacity to tumble dry things at “regular” strength. Dryer users must be feeling cheated if one third of the dial (or buttons, depending on your model) are completely useless.

And what of the washing instructions? Is there nothing that we are supposed to launder hot? Why is it always warm or cold? And while we’re at it, if you’ve got a plaid garment, how exactly do you wash it with “like” colors?

I shall leave you all to ponder these weighty matters, and perhaps respond. I shall refrain from leading a grass-roots movement against the care instruction industry unless bidden to do so by the masses. That sound you hear, by the way, is me not holding my breath.


Written by Thag

February 10, 2011 at 9:42 pm

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