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I Apologize. Genuinely. Sincerely. Really. OK, Not Really.

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I apologize to all of my readers (its up to three now!) for duplicating a post. I accidentally hit one of those mysterious icons that WordPress provides at the bottom of one of the screens, and lo! I now appear to be even more of a blatant self-promoter than I am! Say, look at that dead horse. Looks like it could use a good flogging.

Fortunately, I managed to delete it. Unfortunately, I believe WordPress automatically alerted my devoted readership to the existence of this old-new post, and those who follow the link to it will now be greeted by an error message. All in a day’s work. If your work involves confusing and annoying people in a pathetic attempt to entertain them.

<Vizzini> It’s a prestigious line of work; with a long and glorious tradition.</Vizzini> As you well know, many people have brought home the bacon doing just that: Howie Mandell; Gilbert Gottfried; Karl Marx. What, you didn’t know Marx meant it as a joke? How could you understand it any other way?! Why, if anyone took Marx seriously, we’d have cynical demagogues manipulating the masses just to establish and maintain a totalitarian regime! The world wouldn’t tolerate that!

It also wouldn’t tolerate genocide; sweatshops; artificial perpetuation of refugee camps for political ends; terrorists who hide among civilians; or corrupt politicians, just to name a few more. If the world allowed any of these things to happen, who knows where we would end up? Good grief, people. Life is challenging enough without inviting the additional burden of advocates soliciting nonstop for poor Rwandans; why in the world would any society tolerate a situation in which that becomes de rigeur? And since none of the above has happened, we know ipso facto that the world still has its wits about it. When’s the last time you were accosted, after all, by someone agitating for better treatment of minorities? For equal rights to marriage regardless of sexual orientation? For the support of people who can’t afford basic necessities? Only those on the fringes of society might encounter that with any regularity, of course.

In our world, everyone has secure, fulfilling, lucrative employment, as well as ample leisure time for edifying activities such as chess, fine literature and theater. We might even spend time communing with nature, which our ancestors have worked so hard to preserve for us, that we may do the same for future generations. Everyone has some reasonable opportunity to chase his or her dreams, regardless of skin color.

I do not wish to disrupt our Utopian existence, after all. So I apologize for the mess-up with the duplicate post.


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January 6, 2011 at 1:53 pm

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  1. Ned Vizzini | HomeNed Vizzini is the author of It’s Kind of a Funny Story, Be More Chill, and Teen Angst? Naaah….
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    January 13, 2011 at 7:04 pm

    • Is this spam? I do not think it reads how you think it reads.


      January 13, 2011 at 7:46 pm

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