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I’m supposed to be somewhere else in just a few minutes, at a parents’ meeting for our three-year-old’s preschool. I must fight the urge to stay right here for a little while, however.

This has nothing to do with the drudgery into which the meeting will inevitably devolve. It has everything to do with people’s tendency – around here exacerbating to an incredible degree – to show up ridiculously late to everything, including their own weddings. So I must somehow resolve the internal conflict: do I stick to my principles, show up at the appointed time and continue to feel superior; or do I take advantage of the forgone conclusion that no one will get there until at least fifteen minutes after the scheduled hour, and the proceedings will not actually begin until fifteen minutes after that, such that I might use this time to get some laundry or dishes done?

(In case you hadn’t guessed, no, posting this probably doesn’t qualify as a constructive use of the time).

We have friends, real movers and shakers in the community, who know to tell us a different starting time from the one they give everyone else. Seriously, we don’t mind; we’re perfectly happy to show up “early” and help you set up, and besides, adhering to the announced times when no one else does helps us justify our elitist leanings.

Some of our on-time-ness has been compromised in recent years; having a number of kids will do that to you. But we still manage to arrive most of the time according to the “official” schedule, whether for a wedding, lecture, entertainment event, or dinner.

I confess I find it difficult to comprehend a lifestyle that does not take such things seriously. I have a brother, one who reads this blog, in fact, whose approach to the issue differs markedly. There is much about him that I admire, but I simply cannot wrap my head – or my nerves – around the blasé attitude he and his family seem to have toward announced vs. actual times. We try to get him and his family to stay with us over the weekend every now and then, and even after many years, I find myself surprised and nervous each time they arrive long after the time they said they’d get here. It’s gotten to the point that Miggtha gets surprised at my still being surprised.

As for the meeting, I’m going right now. Old habits die hard.


Written by Thag

December 13, 2010 at 8:05 pm

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