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A Brief X-change

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The scene: Thag and Miggtha sit at the dining room table, pretending to engage in discussions about the evening’s food preparation, but in fact just seek ways to procrastinate doing so. The eighteen-month-old, scrounging on the dining room floor for dropped Cheerios, lets loose with a pair of impressive gaseous emissions.

Miggtha: That’s your boy.

Thag: I don’t get it. Where is there room on the Y chromosome for all that?

Miggtha: You don’t understand: most of the X chromosome is devoted to suppressing that.

Leave it to Mrs. Thag to put her, uh, finger on the source of my misperceptions (she’s busy washing it of with loads of soap right now) (Miggtha: You’re gross).


Written by Thag

November 19, 2010 at 10:54 am

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