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All you first-time parents are just praying that some more experienced souls will swoop in and provide critical advice.

Like hell you are. We veteran parents know full well that unsolicited parenting advice, even from otherwise dear relatives, engenders a level of disgust usually reserved for oppressive dictators (unless you happen to be ultra-liberal, in which case the oppressive dictator is actually a noble warrior in the quest to free the developing world from the iron fist of American-Zionist-Capitalist-Globalist imperialism).

Nevertheless, at the risk of alienating people who wouldn’t read this anyway, I have compiled a list of children’s authors whose work comes highly recommended, along with a companion list of authors you would do well to avoid.

RECOMMENDED:                                               NOT RECOMMENDED:
Dr. Seuss                                                                Dr. Lecter
Helen Lester/Lynn Munsinger                     Hugh Hefner/Bob Guccione
Sandra Boynton                                                  Boy George
Mo Willems                                                           Mahmoud Ahmadinijad
Mercer Mayer                                                      Meyer Lansky
Maurice Sendak                                                  Philip Morris
Roald Dahl                                                            Leni Reifenstahl
Norton Juster                                                      Norman Bates
E. B. White                                                             D. H. Lawrence
Margaret Bloy Graham                                     Mike Tyson
A. A. Milne                                                            2 Live Crew
Shel Silverstein                                                    Gertrude Stein

I trust this list will hold you in good stea- hey, shouldn’t he be wearing a hat in this weather? He’ll catch cold! What kind of negligent parent are you?


Written by Thag

October 27, 2010 at 9:58 pm

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