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If Memory Serves, It Usually Aces Me

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Unlike the lot of you, I am an extremely busy person. It’s only ten o’clock at night and I’ve already baked three pies. And debated going to bed. I must have done other stuff today, as well, because something must have happened between when I woke up this morning and now, but I have children-induced amnesia. I suppose that’s what happens when the screeching reaches a point that the brain simply blots out anything in the temporal vicinity.

Clearly we had pasta for dinner; the still-dirty-and-on-the-table dishes demonstrate that. There also must have been something apple-related going on today, based on the peels and cores in the trash. And someone must have brushed the kids’ teeth, pajamaed them (the kids, not the teeth) and put them to bed. But I can’t be bothered to remember any of that.

I suppose I could set up a camera to record the important moments of the day, then review them before bed. I would have to play it at high speed so as not to waste time, which means that son number two would appear to be getting up and dressed in the morning at a normal pace. Hmm. This idea certainly has its advantages.


Written by Thag

September 5, 2010 at 10:25 pm

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