Mightier Than The Pen

Making The World A Bitter Place

On the Other Hand, Illiteracy Has Its Benefits

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How Far Up Your Nose Will Your Finger Go?
Sleeping with the Fishes
Vera’s Viscera
The Three Little Prigs
Wendell the Vandal
Defeat Net Nanny!
Old Refrigerator, New Hiding Place
Long-Distance Phone Tricks
Provoke Mr. Policeman
The Decibel Doubler
Kick ’em in the Shins
Polly’s Projectile Puke
Grover’s Guide to Gravestone Toppling
Jihad Barbie Destroys the Infidel
Smack Mommy Right Back
Fun with Forks!
Wash Your Hands Every Four Minutes or You Will Die


Written by Thag

August 16, 2010 at 3:17 pm

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