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My previous post ended with what some readers may construe as disparaging remarks regarding Mr. Rod Stewart’s work. To forestall any unpleasantness that may result, I hereby affirm, at the behest of my nonexistent legal team, that the content of the post in no way reflects my genuine opinion, neither of Mr. Stewart’s artistic endeavors, nor, of course, to Mr. Stewart himself, whom I hold in the highest regard. His numerous disagreements with band mates and managers dating back to the 1960’s have diminished my regard for him not a whit; his separation and messy, not to mention costly, divorce from supermodel Rachel Hunter remained completely unbeknownst to me until after my last post went live, and theretofore in that respect I had only admiration and envy for Mr. Stewart, considering that my only yearlong subscription to Sports Illustrated, back in 1990-91, featured only one issue that I opened more than once – many, many times more than once, as you might surmise – and no, it wasn’t for the articles.

Happy now, lawyers?

[Oh, we’re just dandy. Here’s your bill.]

Can I just pay this in…wow, that’s a lot of zeros. You know what? It’s probably cheaper to piss off Rod (that phrase is probably too equivocal, but I hope you appreciate as I do the comical imagery it evokes) than to pay you guys. Get out of here.


Written by Thag

August 4, 2010 at 9:14 pm

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